Liquid Lawn Fertilizer – For A Lush, Green Lawn

Starting your day with a morning walk in a beautifully landscaped lawn is considered as one of the secret formulas for a healthy life style. However maintaining a lush green, healthy lawn involves proper maintenance practices all through the growing period. Understanding and implementing proper fertilizer methods is also an important step towards growing and maintaining a healthy lawn and garden. To enjoy the goodness of a well maintained lawn fertilizers are very essential.There are many different kinds of fertilizers available in the market today of which the liquid lawn fertilizer is one among them.

What are liquid lawn fertilizers

Liquid lawn fertilizer comes in a liquid form and is concentrated in nature. They are usually put in a container and are sprayed on the grass with the help of a hose.They are easy to handle and use as they spread evenly and have a faster effect as the soil quickly absorbs them.All you have to do is mix and dilute the liquid lawn fertilizer concentrate in water and sprinkle it evenly on the grass.These liquid fertilizers have a kind of herbicide contained in them which kills and destroys the weeds while promoting abundant grass growth.Liquid fertilizers are great as they provide an even coverage and application.These fertilizers should be used once in two weeks or once in twenty one days for a good impact and yield.

Factors to be considered in the choice of liquid fertilzer

The best liquid lawn fertilizer is the one that has fast and efficient absorption capacity resulting in vigorous lawns from spring to fall. It should be capable of providing the lawn with balanced proportions of vital nutrients.They should also contain essential ingredients to help stimulate beneficial soil organisms.Only if it feeds micro organisms it can fix nitrogen from the air and enable proper development of roots.

Benefits of liquid fertilizers

Liquid fertilizers serve a dual purpose. Besides spraying the fertilizer it allows you to water your lawn at the same time.The hose-end sprinkler enables application process quite simple and hassle free.They are also safe when compared to other types of fertilizers as they are comprised of natural ingredients.This assures added safety for your kids and pets who tread on the lawn.Liquid fertilizers are eco-friendly in nature. The fertilizer sprayed goes direct to the roots and does not settle on the turf to adversely influence the environment.As it facilitates even application it assures a magnificent looking lawn area.Moreover, the nutrients penetrate to the root area resulting in a lush, green healthy lawn.

If you have decided to use a liquid fertilizer it is advisable to implement an organic liquid.As it incorporates purely natural ingredients it is the best that provides environmental safety.The organic fertilizers are more beneficial and effective in nature.Liquid lawn fertilizer helps your lawn stay healthy by promoting leaf and root growth and by controlling the weeds.They also help in recovery from foot trample and damage by pests.